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A future, one thousand years from now, where an echo of the Victorian past thrives on Venus. Terraformed Venus sees the culture of the era of high technology as one of innumerable dangers. Dominated by New Berlin, the most advanced society on the planet, the nation and city-states of Venus imitate both the technology and culture of the Victorian Era. As nations chafe under the yoke of New Berlin, war breaks out--driving a world so much like the past into a future entirely unlike our own.


This short-story anthology explores the regions and cultures of Victorian Venus, from the metropolis of New Berlin, to the tropics, to the Arctic Circle. The war between New Berlin and two rebelling nations forms the backdrop of most of the tales.


Stories by Adam David Collings, Kat Heckenbach, Cindy Koepp, L. Jagi Lamplighter, and Kristen Stieffel. Edited and a story contribution by Travis Perry.


  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9781640084421
  • ISBN-13: 978-1640084421
  • ASIN: 1640084428
  • ASIN: B0743G8SP6





"Victorian Venus is a unique short story anthology. Each story is set a thousand years in the future on a terraformed Venus. Technology has regressed to a Victorian level. The well formed and fully thought out story world lends a continuity to the six otherwise unrelated stories.

The six authors who contributed stories to this anthology are all talent and each story was engaging enough to have supported a novel of it's own.

Together the six stories also paint a stunning picture of pre-war Europe. Technically I guess this should have been called Edwardian Venus since half the stories involve some sort of military action to prevent the Kaiser from ruling the world.

I really want to call this Steampunk but the Science Fiction elements can not be ignored. But what is Steampunk, but old-fashioned sci-fi?

If you are a fan of steampunk, sci-fi or just WWI fiction I recommend this anthology.

- Cathrine Bonham




"The anthology collection Victorian Venus, a Terraformed Interplanetary Book 2, by Editor Travis Perry, is a fine collection of Christian stories. As the name implies, all stories are set within the Victorian era--on a terraformed and colonized Venus. Some massive terraforming has occurred to render Venus Earthlike. All of the sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide of the once hellish atmosphere has been removed in an earlier time, probably used as raw products for manufacturing processes. Just enough nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen were left behind--or imported--to provide Venus with a breathable atmosphere and surface seas. Overhead in a stable orbit are large panels utilized to provide an artificial day/night cycle, although the cycle does not provide an even twenty-four hours. Nighttime or daytime can last for several twenty-four hour periods each. At one of the poles where a story takes place (the North Pole?—this reviewer cannot remember), environmental situations produce winter's cold and snow.

To this reviewer, several of the stories were well written with well-developed, rounded characters and a decent character arc for short stories. The stories "A Mighty Airship" by Travis Perry, "The Great Game" by Kristen Stieffel, and "Secrets Kept" by Kat Heckenbach were my favorites.

But they're all good reads.

Highly recommended and family-friendly."

--Richard New



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