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Fire and Water


(A Prequel to Dawn Before the Dark)

by Wendy Blanton

A novel by Wendy Blanton Fire and Water: A Prequel to Dawn before the Dark. Balphrahn Series


Fire dragons and dragon riders fly patrol over Slan, a land in the heart of Balphrahn, protecting their homeland, keeping the peace. In the distant past men and women alike could ride dragons and perform magic, but now, because of an ancient curse, men have an inherited a terror of dragons that keeps them from riding. While women are bound from performing most magic. A water dragon threatens thousands of innocent lives in Balphrahn and Tanwen joins four other dragon riders for her first combat mission.

Dawn Before the Dark


by Wendy Blanton

Dawn before the Dark by Wendy Blanton. Dawn Before the Dark. Balphrahn Series Book 1

Dawn Before the Dark


"The room rumbled with a growling sound and he jumped off the back of the platform.


Tanwen caught his arm. 'Easy, Briant. The dragons are laughing.'

Trembling, he climbed back onto the platform. 'That's the scariest laugh I've ever heard."


"An ancient curse keeps men in fear of dragons, so only women can ride them in Slan--while only men can perform magic. As a necromancer from beyond the edge of the known world threatens invasion, Briant appears--a young man who loves dragons.

Wybren Tanwen must decide: Is Briant the dragonborn, the answer to prophecy? Will he save Slan?"


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Beatitudes and Woes

A Speculative Fiction Anthology.

Explore the Beatitudes and Woes of the Bible through the stories of 13 Christian authors in this uniquely powerful anthology.



Author: Various

Genre: Speculative Sci-Fi

Un Mundo Quebrantado (Shatterworld)


Un Mundo Quebrantado. Libro Uno.

(Spanish Edition)


Author: Lelia Rose Foreman

Genre: Speculative Sci-Fi

Language: Spanish



Writing Speculative Fiction

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror.

-Adult Self-Paced Edition

A fantastic guide for writers, teachers, students, homeschoolers, and anyone aspiring to improve their Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror writing skills.


Author: Lelia Rose Foreman

Genre: Non-Fiction / Educational


A Shattered World

Shatterworld, Circumnavigation of Shatterworld, and  Pacifists' War in one volume.


Author: Lelia Rose Foreman

Genre: Speculative Sci-Fi





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    I Really love Speculative Fiction. A couple of weeks ago I bought Mythic Orbits Vol 2, and I really loved it! The stories are super original and well written. I can't wait to the release of Volume 3!


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