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Animal Eye: a GameLit Adventure by Cindy Koepp

Animal Eye: a GameLit Adventure

 In Animal Eye, Khin May and Jake are playtesters checking out the conversion of a popular kids’ game to an adult version. Khin May becomes Ahva, a feisty crow. Jake plays Nagheed, a Nethanyan mountain shepherd. They experience the Virtual Reality game as the characters and learn how to do things the animals can do.

Worlds of Weinbaum

Worlds of Weinbaum

Weinbaum's worlds are eight tales of action, adventure, and alien discovery that revolve around the planets and moons of New Sol, a system redder and more compact than our own, but much like how our Solar System was imagined in the 1930s. We've updated Stanley G. Weinbaum's original science fiction short stories into a new setting, a system where his dreams really could take place, not too different from how he first wrote them, in the not-so-distant future.

FANTASY Speculative Fiction SERIES

A novel by Wendy Blanton Fire and Water: A Prequel to Dawn before the Dark. Balphrahn Series

Fire and Water by Wendy Blanton


Fire dragons and dragon riders fly patrol over Slan, a land in the heart of Balphrahn, protecting their homeland, keeping the peace. In the distant past men and women alike could ride dragons and perform magic, but now, because of an ancient curse, men have an inherited a terror of dragons that keeps them from riding. While women are bound from performing most magic.

Dawn Before the Dark by Wendy Blanton


Dawn before the Dark by Wendy Blanton. Dawn Before the Dark. Balphrahn Series Book 1

Dawn Before the Dark


"An ancient curse keeps men in fear of dragons, so only women can ride them in Slan--while only men can perform magic. As a necromancer from beyond the edge of the known world threatens invasion, Briant appears--a young man who loves dragons.

Wybren Tanwen must decide: Is Briant the dragonborn, the answer to prophecy? Will he save Slan?"


Beatitudes and Woes

A Speculative Fiction Anthology.

Explore the Beatitudes and Woes of the Bible through the stories of 13 Christian authors in this uniquely powerful anthology.


Author: Various

Genre: Speculative Sci-Fi

Un Mundo Quebrantado (Shatterworld)


Un Mundo Quebrantado. Libro Uno.

(Spanish Edition)


Author: Lelia Rose Foreman

Genre: Speculative Sci-Fi

Language: Spanish



Writing Speculative Fiction

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror.

-Adult Self-Paced Edition

A fantastic guide for writers, teachers, students, homeschoolers, and anyone aspiring to improve their Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror writing skills.


Author: Lelia Rose Foreman

Genre: Non-Fiction / Educational


A Shattered World

Shatterworld, Circumnavigation of Shatterworld, and  Pacifists' War in one volume.


Author: Lelia Rose Foreman

Genre: Speculative Sci-Fi




 Writing science fiction and fantasy is serious business!


  This statement may very much surprise friends of mine obsessed with politics or convinced this world is about to end soon...to them, I imagine, speculative fiction (a term which always embraces both sci-fi and fantasy and sometimes includes horror) is sheer escapism from the world around us and spending time on it is acting like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.


   I want to acknowledge they have a point.  Speculative lit seems to be nothing but escapism for some people.  And there are times when it is absolutely essential to pay attention to the moment you are in and not wander off mentally to realms of what is not.


   But I believe worlds of speculation, of the unreal, serve a very important function for most people, whether they realize it or not.  They remind people this world we are in is not the only possible world...even what we see all around us will change over time into something else someday.  Science fiction and fantasy explore these other realities of what could have been or what will be.

   THIS WORLD IS NOT ALL THERE IS shouts speculative fiction, pointing out a void in our human lives...a void that truly longs for the Creator who has the power to create new worlds at a whim...


   Not all speculative fiction books address the void equally well, both creating beautiful unreal worlds while also acknowledging the Creator. We seek out and publish the best speculative fiction we can find, while remembering our speculative fiction's higher purpose.


   If what you're looking for is novels, short story anthologies/collections, non-fiction related to science fiction and fantasy, including the best guide on learning how to write speculative fiction genres I've ever seen, you're in the right place.




Travis Perry

Editor, Bear Publications.



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