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A Speculative Fiction Anthology.

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When you explore the Beatitudes and Woes of the Bible through the stories of 13 Christian authors in this uniquely powerful anthology, you'll find tales of courage in the face of suffering, persecution, unexpected loss, self-sacrifice, joy in spite of circumstances, tears suppressed and expressed, love from the heart, kindness shown to friends and strangers, a monster slain, an alien plague, high adventure, a comedic hero finally taking a stand, a lost love found, and much more in these beautifully-crafted tales.


Where did the idea for this Collection of Short Stories come from?

One day, several months ago, in a Facebook group not so far away, an author posted this:

… I think it would be cool if someone organized a speculative anthology where each story is based on one of the 9 Beatitudes in Matthew or one of the 4 woes of Luke. 13 authors, each assigned/choosing one of those verses, expressing it in fantastical story form


That author, C.W. Briar, had created a firestorm.


Immediately, interest piqued. Christian authors and readers jumped on the bandwagon of this wonderful idea. Of course! Why hadn’t we thought of it before? General online excitement ensured as authors clamored for a chance to be one selected for this project. After all, most of us could recite these verses forwards and backwards.

But had we ever had a chance to explore them in a deeper context? What better way to do that than through the universal language of story?

-Parker J Cole.


Each story ends by quoting Jesus–from either one of the nine “blessed are” statements in Matthew chapter five or one of the four “woe to” sayings in Luke six.




“AS THE PROPHECY FORETOLD” by C.W. BriarWhen a prophet comes promising the family's power to defeat an ancient dragon, the emotional conflict is tied to the father's hope to provide a better life for his wife and son.


“THE DOOR TO WISHES” by Parker J. ColeChaz knows the child his alien wife carries isn't his, but finds an ability to wish for dreams to come true.


“RIGHTFULLY OURS" by Steve RzasaThe Duval family is fleeing through space from a colony where they once lived. Achille Duval finds himself having to stand up for the truth and do what's right when no one else is willing.


“BLESSED ARE THE MERCIFUL” by Lelia Rose ForemanWill a jealous thief of podvines and pigs on one of Talifar's islands face justice? Or mercy?


“WONDERMIND AND THE ALMOST KING" by Gen Gavel ∞ Khaled has seen heaven and returned from the throne of God. Will he live his God-given life on Earth, or will he choose to give it up in the face of an oppressive ruler from afar?


“THE TEARS OF THE EMPEROR" by RJ Conte  Laki wants to do the will of God; shed magical tears that will cleanse his island from sin, but he also wants to protect his people, especially his sister, from the suffering his tears could bring.


“CINEMA BENDIGA" by Hillari DeschaneA strange group of people have been committing crimes against the state--or have they? Will the letter of the law be upheld, or will the investigating detective allow himself to find true righteousness?


“THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT" by JL Ender ∞ A comedic superhero finally makes a heroic stand against nefarious villains.


“HEARTSTONE”" by AT HamletEver, a lonely boy from the weakest of twelve tribes must face haunting tasks in a dark cave for the right to see his Maker and to revive his people.


“HOPEFIRE" by Rachel Kimberly HastingsA young elf and defender of her brother's prophetic vision faces persecution, but finds an unexpected ally in the least likely of places.


“THE PATH OF MERCY" by Rebekah LoperRillaph, facing the demand that her family provide a sacrifice to the mountain gods, has to chose between betraying someone she loves or the Rishka people she owes her life to.


"THE PROMISE" by Andra Marquardt ∞ Cantis has to decide how far he should go to protect his sister, even if it means facing the worst that space pirates can do.


"SOMETHING IN THE WATER" by Randy Streu ∞ The mirth of the first colonists around Saturn turns to sorrow at an unexpected finding.



Amazing life changing Stories.

Amazing stories exemplifying the 9 beatitudes and 4 woes by different authors. The different and very enjoyable stories have great characters and tell the stories well showing how to live better lives when you follow what each story teaches. It will bring tears and smiles to entertain and inspire you to a better future

-Lorel Kline


Love the variety.

Everyone has a different take on the speculative fiction aspect, and also varying approaches to conveying the theme of the bible verse it is based on. Much enjoying diving into science-fiction and fantasy stories that have Christian themes. I think the authors handled the challenge very well, and they read like well-crafted stories with engaging characters, not like preachy sermons.

-Daniel Hastings


You've got to read this!

This is an assortment of stories in different speculative genres. Each tale is based on one of the beatitudes or one of the woes from the Gospels, but the stories aren't preachy. There's no hard sell for religion here. They all have good plots and interesting characters and different settings.
There's a little something for everyone here. Humor? You'll like JL Ender's "The Meek Shall Inherit." Creepy? Check out Randy Streu's "Something in the Water." Multicultural? There's a few, like RJ Conte's "The Tears of the Emperor" or Gen Gavel's "Wondermind and the Almost King." Sci-fi? Steve Rzasa's "Rightfully Ours" will fill the bill.
Check this out!

-Cindy Koepp


A Book I actually enjoyed this summer.

I picked up Beatitudes and Woes to support the many authors who contributed whom I support. I knew it would be good and worth the price. My assumption was blown away: this book is awesome! Maybe I was in a summer rut and just needed to break loose, but I found myself immediately intrigued and engaged, enjoying the character development and story plots even in the context of short stories. In several cases the specific beatitude or woe isn't explicitly named, so I found myself playing detective while reading... "Ooo.. it's got to be this one!" I found the overall message to be wholesome and uplifting, but not in a cheesy way. Each story portrayed characters with real issues, real emotions and feelings, in an honest way, using a range of devices (you'll find humor and sadness, grounded hearts with idealists), that kept me engaged. Well done to all!

-Travis Alan Chapman


Interview Podcast: Special Edition of the Write Stuff Beatitudes and Woes Speculative Fiction Anthology

Join me as I chat with the brain and brawn behind the newest anthology by Bear Publications  — Beatitudes and Woes — CW Briar and Travis Perry.

Parker J. Cole



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