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   Mythic Orbits Volume 2, edited by Travis Perry, highlights the best short stories available in science fiction, fantasy, and related speculative genres like paranormal and litRPG. From robots to fairy tales retold, from life inside a video game to human survival on a distant worlds, from a dragon manifesting itself in tattoos to time travel linked to a daily calendar, the tales amaze, amuse, and astound.

   These eleven authors show that not only do Christian authors craft tales in these genres, they write some great ones.


   Featuring the authors Kat Heckenbach, Steve Rzasa, C.W. Briar, A.K. Meek, Donald S. Crankshaw, Kristin Janz, Cindy Koepp, Linda Burklin, William Bontrager, C.O. Bonham, and Keturah Lamb.


         This anthology aims to collect the best available speculative fiction short stories written by Christian authors. That’s whether the stories have openly Christian themes or characters or not, without requiring the stories to have any specific theme. (The anthology also limits itself to clean fiction—that is, no profanity, graphic sexuality or extreme violence.)

            Over the past year, an online acquaint-ance questioned the purpose for the Mythic Orbits anthologies, stating that an anthology requires a unifying theme in order to succeed.  To make sense and be marketable.

            But there have been previous yearly anthologies based on the best science fiction and even fantasy from a given year (World’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Donald A. Wollheim, Terry Carr’s Best Science Fiction of the Year and Terry Carr’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year). So simply seeking the best available can be the goal of an anthology.

            And anthologies can be organized around the writers as well, especially when there’s something unusual about the category. For example, Ciencia Ficción Argentina: Antología de Cuentos (Argentine Science Fiction: Anthology of Stories) was an anthology known by its authors—the nationality of the writers important because Argentinians are not widely-known to write science fiction.

            So, is it widely-known all over the world that Christians write speculative fiction?

            Well, clearly Christians who themselves are speculative fiction writers know what they write. But does everybody else?

            Especially when we’re talking about theologically conservative Christians, Evangelicals of some sort, professed Bible-believing Christians, do people know about their works? Is it legitimate for people to wonder if writers with personal convictions along these lines produce speculative fiction, that is, science fiction and fantasy and related genres like LitRPG, paranormal, and horror?

            This book provides an answer: Not only do Christian writers produce speculative fiction stories, they write some great ones.



 "A refreshingly unique and compelling collection. Raises the bar over the last Mythic Orbits, which I participated in. The stories both moved and delighted me. Truly mythic."

--Kerry Nietz, award-winning author of Frayed and Amish Vampires in Space.


 "Bear Publications has done it again! Even though I didn’t participate in it this time, Mythic Orbits Vol 2, edited by Travis Perry, is Christian speculative fiction at its best. These eleven stories ferry you away to lands of fantasy and sci-fi.
A few of the storytellers are familiar, while some others are new. But all of the stories are either thought provoking, comforting, or outright deranged. The short story "Recalled from the Red Planet" was the most thought provoking for me. Eerie, even.
Fun reads. Highly recommended.

--Richard New, Author of Escapee in Mythic Orbits 2016.




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