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Balphran is a world of epic fantasy and magic, the realm of Slan at its center, where because of an ancient curse, women ride dragons but can't perform magic. While men are terrified of dragons.


BP: Wendy, tell us a little bit more about your series.


W: Initially, I thought I would do a series of short stories which I would release as a serial and later compile into an anthology. I chopped the short stories into scenes and novelized them, changed names to make them more fantasy-like, and reworked the entire structure. Currently, there are three novels planned. However, the short story idea didn’t completely die. I’ve written and published the first prequel (Fire And Water), and I am planning more.

Fire and Water

A Prequel to Dawn Before the Dark

When a water dragon threatens thousands of innocent lives in Balphrahn, Tanwen joins four other dragon riders for her first combat mission. Five fire dragons clash against one massive and powerful water dragon, with results no one expected. Tanwen must learn that sacrifice is a part of service. And that no one in the line of duty can leave personal business unfinished at home…

Dawn before the Dark.

Balphrahn Series Book 1

An ancient curse keeps men in fear of dragons, so only women can ride them in Slan-- while only men can perform magic.

As a necromancer from beyond the edge of the known world threatens invasion, Briant appears--a young man who loves dragons.

Wybren Tanwen must decide: Is Briant the dragonborn, the answer to prophecy?

Will he save Slan?

Awakening in the Dark

Balphrahn Series Book 2

Everyone thought the trouble was over, but Tanwen and Briant weren’t convinced. They were right to be concerned.

The Seers have warned of a darkness sweeping over Slan, but those in leadership underestimate the threat until it arrives on their doorstep.


Red Sky in Mourning

Balphrahn Series Book 3

Slan is in turmoil, and the dragons and their riders are being hunted.

The enemy is a step ahead of them at every turn, and the future of Balphrahn hangs in the balance.

Will they beat back the darkness, or will their mourning go on forever?


Wendy Blanton

Wendy Blanton has been writing since she learned to string words into sentences. She is a U. S. Air Force veteran with a long and eclectic resume. In addition to writing, she tells Celtic folk tales at Scottish festivals and other venues.

When she's not mired in stories of one form or another, she enjoys reading, camping, gardening, and drinking coffee.

She lives in St. Louis, MO with her husband and three geriatric cats.


Find out more about Wendy:

You can also follow her work in her Facebook group: Coffee with Dragons



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