Speculative Fiction Novels

Great Sci fi and Fantasy Novels for fantastic readers.

Christian authors we've met have great ideas for Speculative Fiction novels that we're in the process of helping edit and prepare for publication. We're making the best original ideas for novels into the best version of themselves they can possibly be!


Bear Publications expanded into publishing novels with Lelia Rose Foreman's Shatterworld Trilogy because of how impressed we were with the quality of Lelia's story world and characterization in Shatterworld, Circumnavigation of Shatterworld, and Pacifist's War, and because we felt these three stories should be published in one volume.

Animal Eye: a GameLit Adventure by C. Koepp

Animal Eye: a GameLit Adventure

(Animal Instinct)

In Animal Eye, the newest AI-controlled VR-RPG from Horizon Systems, Khin May and Jake sign on as testers for a game that lets them play as animal companions to human NPCs. In a world that seems Renaissance-era, with swords and muskets, strange beasts lurk in the wilderness, pressing their attacks harder into civilized lands, laughing maniacs that can't be killed by ordinary means.

Khin May as a sassy crow named Ahva and Jake as Nagheed, a Nethanyan mountain shepherd, along with their humans, learn the history of the game world and set out to stop the twisted mastermind behind the attacks...

A Shattered World           (The Trilogy)

A Shattered World tells the story of Rejoice in three books, from when at 12 her Christian pacifist sect settles an intriguing alien world, to when she sails around the planet as teenager, to her adulthood as a wife and mother and head of the colony's space program. Rejoice becomes the protector of this world from dangers she never would have imagined!


A Shattered World by Lelia Rose Foreman combines her previous novels: Shatterworld, Circumnavigation of Shatterworld, and Pacifists' War in one volume.


Dawn Before the Dark by Wendy Blanton

Dawn Before the Dark

- Balphrahn Series Book

This exciting new entry in fantasy fiction is worth your coin!

In Slan, men have been cursed with a dread of dragons for generations, and only women have been chosen to partner with dragons, but one day, Vask, an ancient dragon, discovers Briant, a young boy who isn't afraid of dragons and wants to ride one. Is Briant the dragonborn, the answer to prophecy? Will he save Slan?


Dawn Before the Dark is the first of 3 fantasy novels by Wendy Blanton.



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